Welcome to Dinkie's Den

Who We Are

Our vision is to provide quality apparel to the ageplay communities, designed here in the UK with authenticity in mind.

You won't find any of our designs on aliexpress, amazon or any other website, they are 100% exclusive to us and 100% adorable! Lovingly created to take you back to your childhood, all of our clothes are designed here in the UK by real ageplayers in the community, and manufactured using high quality 95% cotton by a small team in China.

We test our clothing extensively to ensure it's the quality that you expect, and each garment is packaged by our little team and shipped worldwide from our warehouse in the UK at an affordable rate.

Say no to exploitative business practices, dropshipping scams and thin, itchy polyester! Your inner child deserves the best.

Our Values

  • To put the ageplay, ABDL and CGL communities at the heart of everything we do.
  • To celebrate and cherish the incredible diversity within our community, affirming and embracing littles of all ethnicities, genders and sexualities.
  • To protect our community by shielding kink content from minors, and preventing minors from accessing kink and kink adjacent spaces.

Our Goals

  • To be extremely involved in events and community spaces within the UK
  • To open a physical retail store to serve the UK community, safely and privately
  • To run a fun packed play space in the UK, with regular events, drop ins, and availability to hire.

Four ageplay littles, enjoying a swingset in their Dinkie's Den onesies.